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flat cocktail sandals are your new summer party staple

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I’ll admit to being partial to a “fun shoe”. A stylish French friend of mine led me to the realisation that shoes, not bags, were the thing that makes an outfit, and the thing to invest in. Take this summer’s basket bag trend. There’s no designer snobbery there – you can get a good one for a few euros on your holidays. But shoes need a little more investment: the best tan leather sandals will cost you £400+ from Saint Laurent or Hermes.

The problem with said good taste sandals is that while they’re the absolute thing on holiday, they can look a little too casual in the city, which is where my new staple comes in: enter the cocktail sandal. If you spend your Saturday out picnicking, and then end up going straight on for a few cocktails in the evening, simple tan sandals will look underdressed. But a flat sandal with feathers/crystals/pearls on it? Just the thing.

There are also good velvet options – try Ancient Greek’s dusty pink – and lots of satin too, though some shades of satin are best avoided: Balenciaga did a squashy lilac satin pair that, while rather fab, could also look a little “hospital issue” if you weren’t careful. Zara has whacked some brooches on its powder blue pair to save them from the same fate, and hey presto, they look like they’re supposed to be worn outside.

Crucially, they’re also flat, so you can knock about in them all day and then carry on into the evening, rather than have to think ahead and pack an extra pair of shoes, which misses the point of summer time spontaneity. Obviously, high-heeled evening sandals do exist. LK Bennett has a good strappy gold pair with a walkable stiletto heel just a little more than three inches high, which saw me through bridesmaid duty last weekend in Wales. But while these are great summer occasion shoes, you’d look a bit bizarre going for brunch in them, while Mango’s crystal embellished pair (£49.99) will work for both.

If you’re feeling fancy, Miu Miu has a double-whammy sandal trimmed with both feathers and crystals – these would completely reinvent a simple black dress. If not, there are lots of pairs at the ‘costume jewellery’ and of the spectrum too; try Dune and Kurt Geiger.

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